Are you a Presidential Bodyguard?

To be a Presidential Guard is to be an elite close security officer. The United States Secret Service is the most difficult personal protection assignment. This assignment will often be the culmination of a long career in the military, federal protection agencies and law enforcement.

Consider the education, training, and sacrifice required to become a bodyguard for the leader of the nation. This is a dangerous and difficult job that requires a lot of time, which may not be the case for everyone.

Three thousand special agents are employed by the United States Secret Service. close protection services in London The President and his family may have as many as 100 Secret Service bodyguards within their immediate vicinity at any one time. Additional public places may have 250 to 300 Secret Service bodyguards.

Although the presence of bodyguards is a good security measure, it should not be overlooked the quality of the professional training and professionalism of any of these agents.

For appointment to the Secret Service, you must have United States Citizenship. You also need to be between 21 and 37 when employment begins. An accredited college or university will require a bachelor’s degree. However, applicants may have more than three years of experience.

These experiences must have been in criminal investigation or law enforcement. This position does not require experience as a bodyguard.

The President’s bodyguards must meet certain physical requirements. At any moment and from any direction, attacks on the President can occur. Agents should be mentally and physically ready for any situation. Vision is vital for a presidential bodyguard.

Agents with uncorrected vision cannot be worse than 20/60. They must be able to correct it to 20/20. Lasik and other corrective vision surgery procedures are approved. Secret Service applicants who have undergone or recently underwent these types of procedures can get concessions.

Each Secret Service prospect is subject to intensive screening. Because a significant part of Secret Service’s job is to investigate counterfeit and fraud, each Secret Service prospect must pass the Treasury Enforcement Agent written exam. Each applicant will be subject to a personal screening process as part of the interview process.

Background investigations will be conducted on you and your family members in order to determine security clearance status. For all Secret Service positions, whether bodyguard or not, drug and health screenings are required along with a Polygraph.

After being selected to be a Presidential bodyguard, national bodyguards must complete a rigorous eleven-week training course. Then, you will receive specialized instruction for 16 weeks in the area where you were appointed.

It is clear that the job of Secret Service agent requires a lot more work than regular bodyguard positions and it is more challenging than any other job. Agents must be able to travel for as long or longer than one month.

They may be assigned to destinations that are less appealing than they appear and could pose dangers.

Only a select few will ever discover that a Secret Service agent does not look like your typical bodyguard. They provide a level of training, education and security that rivals the best military personnel.

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